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Outstanding content, features are mind-blowing. Best customizable server online. Best customizable desktop client. Integrated sense of community & dedicated staff.


Join us on our online community over on the forums. Hosted on SMF software, the forum is the best place for your voice to be heard.


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Download our customizable client. With many features constantly being added, updates are frequent.



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Trumpscape has new added content to provide a superior experience.

  • Full OSRS Server
  • Recruiting staff
  • Unique custom weapons, NPCs, scenery & objects
  • All working skills
  • In-game drop list
  • Amazing customizable and resizeable client
  • Shop Exchange System
  • Many different bosses
  • Decent Combat
  • Great Achievement system with 71 currently available

The server has been officially launched, after months of development we bring to you Trumpscape. The server will continue to have daily updates and changes for a long time to come. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on the forum.

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